25 March, 2012

Nocturne welcomes you!

 For some time now I've wanted to write my own blog but never admittedly found the motivation to do so. However, my new burst of motivation is all down to my wonderful wife, Angela, who has two blogs of her own.
For many years now on and off I've been a keen collector, modeller and gamer (more of a modeller) of Games Workshop miniatures, my favourite game systems being Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. I also enjoy the stories, history, background, lore or fluff as it's best known, which is another part of the inspiration for the project I have decided to take up.
The Salamanders Space Marine chapter is probably my favourite marine chapter to date. I love the chapter's history, beliefs, culture, and doctrine. I also love the visual appearance of the Salamanders, including flame emblems and motifs, hammers, drakes and dragons, and drake hides adorning their armour and war machines.

I also just started reading the third book in Nick Kyme's brilliant Tome of Fire trilogy. The books are based around the Salamander's 3rd Company, and have been a massive inspiration for me and my project.

As a result I have decided to collect and re-create an entire Salamanders Company! The Second company to be exact. Now I'm under no illusion that this is a massive undertaking and will be a long and costly, but ultimately enjoyable and rewarding challenge. So far the 2nd is in it's infancy. I currently have one almost completed tactical squad, a Dreadnought and a Rhino (pictures soon) which is not going to win the War of Armageddon just yet, but the Promethean fire has been lit!

As well as this project I also plan to blog about other areas across the Warhammer 40k universe and Warhammer world. As well as my own tutorials and modelling articles, news, reviews and more I hope!

Anyway, I wanted to keep this fairly brief for now. All I ask for in return is a little patience until the kindling can start to catch (there's just too many fire based anologies).

So, my brothers... "Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!"


  1. Hola mi amor, welcome to Blogger, hope you enjoy it and I am very happy because finally you are sharing your talents with the world :) Love you so much

  2. Hello, it would be an honor if you would feature some of my current work on the salamander chapter. Cheers

  3. Hi Brovatar, thanks for showing an interest in my blog. I was interested to know how you found it? Yes of course I would be delighted to show your models on my blog. I already had a look at your blog too, I love the Dreadnought! Your models can be the first of my Salamanders Showcase! Would you like me to put a link to your models on my blog? Thanks.

  4. Irinyir,

    Looking good so far, am looking forward to seeing some of your work on here. So far what I have seen of your stuff is amazing!!!

    Although I am not at the standard you set, I will be setting up my own blog of my pre heresy Death Guard army and a new project of a Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken force.